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The purpose of Texas A&M University Club Swimming is to provide students of Texas A&M University the opportunity to compete in championship meets at the National level.

Texas A&M Club Swimming was founded in  2017 by students who believed there needed to a be competitive, collegiate swim program available to all students at Texas A&M University. The team’s first Executive Board was Jeppesen Feliciano, Connor Schmidt, Courteney Lerch, and Carrson Baldwin. Texas A&M Club Swimming was the first university in the state of Texas to join US Masters College Club Swimming, and therefore be the first Texas-based program to compete at the College Club National Swim Meet. The Aggies traveled to San Marcos for their first swim meet at Texas State in the Spring of 2018. TAMCS was named an official sport club by the Texas A&M Sports Club Association in April 2021


  • Are there performance requirements for our team? 

    • Yes, you must be proficient in all 4 strokes.

  • Are their time standards? 

    • For the team, no. However, Nationals does require athletes to have current qualifying times earned at meets.

  • Are meets mandatory? 

    • Yes, 1 per semester. 

  • Are practices mandatory?

    • No, we know our practice times are not ideal for everyone, so we changed this requirement to be more understanding.

  • What time do practices take place and where? 

    • M-TH 7:30P @ Student Rec Center Natatorium

  • I have a question, who do I ask?

    • President – general info about the team, meet schedule, practices, etc.

    • Vice President – USMS College Club Swimming, fundraising and sponsorship ideas, home meet info

    • Treasurer – team fees, travel meet fees

    • Secretary – general info about the team, meet schedule, practices, etc.

    • Marketing Director – apparel, social media, website

    • Captain – team activities, team atmosphere, recruitment

    • Meet Coordinator – away meet info, meet entries, meet results

    • Special Events Coordinator – kickoff, banquet, service projects

  • Have a question we didn’t answer? Let us know here


Mission Statement


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